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Cinnamon-Apple Bread Pudding

1 loaf cinnamon swirl bread, cubed

2 c milk

4 eggs beaten

1 c applesauce

1 c sugar

2 T vanilla extract

½ cinnamon

¼ nutmeg

¼ butter melted



Place bread cubes in a large bowl and pour in milk, let stand a few minutes until moistened. In separate bowl combine eggs, applesauce, sugar, vanilla, and spices. Drizzle melted butter over bread mixture: toss lightly. Add egg mixture to bread mixture and stir well. Let stand for 10 mintes. Place mixture in a butters 12” dutch oven Bake at 350 for 45 mins until golden and a knife tip inserted in center comes out clean. Let cool

Caramel Sauce

18  oz container caramel apple dip

¼ c half and half

Place apple dip with half and half in a small sauce pan cook over low heat until warm and smooth add a litte more half and half to thicken up


Recipe came from Gooseberry Patch Autumn with Family and Friends cookbook. It was modified for the dutch oven.


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