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DSCN2489Thank you for all the teams and people stopping by and seeing the cooks create wonderful food. The day started with rain but that did not stop Valley Forge Black Pots,Southeast Camper and Old Dominion Iron Chefs cooking in there black pots. Valley Forge BlackPots had Randy and Eric, Southeast camper had Dan and his wonder wife Katherine and Old Dominion Iron Chefs had Judy and Craig. We had 4 great judges of Tim, Wright and Mike and Koretta from Bass Pro Shops. The judges really enjoyed the job. After all the food was brought to the judges table the judges had a tuff job eating the food. Randy and Eric of Valley Forge Black Pots came out the winner with, Judy and Craig of Old Dominion Iron Chefs placed second and Dan and Katherine of Southeast Camper came in third. We had Boneless Chicken Breast with a Shrimp & Bacon Stuffing,Buffalo Meatloaf Stuffed with Chorizo,Arroz Con Pollo,Cheesy Bread,Artisan Herb,Garlic Chive Italian Bread,Mango Pecan Crumb Cake,Mojito Cake, and Black Forest Cherry Cake.

DSCN2287The Old Dominion Iron Chefs and Bass Pro Shops of Ashland, Virginia would like to announce the 1st Annual Virginia Dutch Oven Cook-Off sanctioned by The International Dutch Oven Society.
It will have two divisions: an adult 3 pot division and a kids/scout 1 to 2 pot division. The winner of the adult 3 pot cook-off qualifies for the national cook-off in Utah for 2014.

The cook-off will be held on May 18, 2013 at the Ashland Virginia Bass Pro Shop. The adult cooks should be there at 9 AM with cooking starting at 10:30. The kids/scout division will start cooking at 11 am. The Award Ceremony will be at 3 pm. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 in both divisions.
Come on out cook and have fun.

Forms can be downloaded here: VA Dutch Oven Cook-Off 2013
All questions should be directed to Peter of Old Dominion Iron Chefs, Contact Form

Thank you, we hope to see you in May!!!!

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